5 Steps Of Water Damage Cleanup In Morgantown

water damage cleanup morgantownAs a property owner in Morgantown, you can never be fully prepared for water damage cleanup. Water damage often happens fast and without warning, leaving you scrambling with what to do and how to fix it. You know you need water damage cleanup, but what does all of that entail? Water damage cleanup is dependent on the size and scope of the water damage itself, so it can range from simple and straightforward to complex and intricate. That being said, we are going to break down the water damage cleanup process so you can have a general idea of what to expect when your home suffers from water damage. We are going to go over five steps that are involved with proper water damage cleanup, starting with:

Water Damage Cleanup Morgantown

Initial Inspection

The restoration technicians at Crossroads Property Rescue will arrive on the scene as soon as possible and are available 24/7 to respond to your water damage emergency right when it happens. Using advanced equipment like hygrometers and moisture detectors they will be able to get a good idea of just how extensive the water damage is and what steps will need to be taken in order to get it cleaned up. During this inspection, they will be able to classify and categorize the damage based on the source, size, and scope of the water damage. The inspection allows water damage technicians to come up with a game plan that will get your home back to normal in the least amount of time possible. 

Water Extraction & Removal

Once the area has been inspected, and all necessary safety precautions have been taken, cleanup can begin. The first step to cleaning up water damage is to remove the water. Water extraction may require vacuums and pumps to remove the water and discard it a safe distance away from your home, depending on how much standing water is present. It is important to be sure all standing water is removed because the longer water is present, the worse the damage will be. Once the water has been removed, another inspection will need to be done to determine how much moisture still remains that has been absorbed into surfaces in the affected area, which leads to the next step in water damage cleanup

Thorough Drying & Dehumidifying

This step is one of, if not the most important steps in the entire cleanup process. Any moisture left behind can mean serious trouble for your home. Moisture can facilitate mold growth in as little as 48 hours, so getting everything dried out completely needs to happen as soon as possible. This is why water damage cleanup technicians use industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers, along with moisture detection technology, to get the affected area thoroughly dried out. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Making sure your home has been properly sanitized following water damage is very important in restoring the health of your home. During this step, water damage cleanup technicians will do all that is within their power to preserve and restore as many of your belongings and as much of your home as possible. Using different cleaning methods, solutions, and techniques will ensure that salvageable goods and materials are restored safely to their pre-loss condition.

Replace, Rebuild, Restore

After the damaged area has been cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, the final touches can be complete. Whether you had elements of your home that simply needed to be repaired, or other things that required rebuilding, those final touches are what bring your home back to how it was before the damage ever occurred. 

Hopefully, this summary of how water damage cleanup works will help you be better prepared to deal with water damage in your own home. Be sure that when you need water damage cleanup, you call the experts at Crossroads Property Rescue.

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