Professional Asbestos Abatement Services in Morgantown, WV

When a building has been damaged or is in need of repairs, considerations should always be made to check for asbestos-containing materials that could be hazardous. Asbestos requires special procedures are followed to contain or remove the materials in a safe manner that is compliant with local and federal laws and regulations. 

Many buildings contain asbestos. While the use of asbestos-containing materials has significantly decreased since the 1980s, it may still be found in modern homes and was commonly used in building materials for many years. Asbestos typically doesn’t pose any threat unless the asbestos-containing material is decaying, disturbed, or damaged, allowing asbestos fibers to be released into the air. If you are concerned about asbestos in your property, call Crossroads Property Rescue today.


Why You Should Be Concerned About Asbestos

Damage to your property can put your health and safety at risk, and asbestos exposure is something you should be concerned about, especially if you live in an older home. Asbestos is a mineral fiber that was used in numerous building materials due to it’s fire-resistant properties. However, over time, it became clear that asbestos exposure is dangerous and can cause serious health problems including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and lung disease. 

Asbestos abatement is regulated and should only be performed by a qualified asbestos abatement company. At Crossroads Property Rescue, we are licensed and certified to perform asbestos abatement. We have the training and experience to ensure the asbestos-containing material is handled properly, protecting your health as well as the health of our employees. 


Common Asbestos-Containing Materials

  • Roof Shingles
  • Siding
  • Insulation
  • Popcorn Ceilings
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Drywall and Sheetrock
  • Pipe & Duct Coverings
  • Fireplaces and Furnace Coatings
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Paint
  • Plaster
  • Caulk and Adhesives

Call Your Property Damage Restoration Hero

When your property is damaged, you want to call a team that can handle everything that may arise during the cleanup and repair of your property. That’s why Crossroads Property Rescue provides our customers with professional asbestos abatement services. We provide full property restoration services and are qualified to handle asbestos abatement in any situation. With just one call, our team will be there for you when disaster strikes. Call us today.


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