Biohazard Cleanup and Damage Repair

Crossroads Property Rescue understands that work involving biohazard cleanup requires a fast response. We are on-call to handle biohazard contamination cleanup 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We assist you and your loved ones in these difficult a times of need.

Biohazard contamination encompasses a wide array of bodily contaminants. Whether you need reliable crime scene cleanup or a difficult sewage spill cleanup, we’re capable and equipped to deal with any contamination hazard.  Our biohazard technicians will carefully and compassionately remove hazardous contamination including chemicals, blood, and other bodily fluids and do any necessary repair work to restore your property back to its previous state.


Our Hazardous Material Cleanup Process

The need for biohazard cleanup often requires immediate attention. Crossroads Property Rescue is on-call 24/7 to assist you and your loved ones in your family’s time of need.

Our hazardous decontamination technicians wear full PPE gear to stop blood borne pathogens, and through the cleanup will stop these from contacting the client upon reissue. The area isn’t just cleaned – it’s fully decontaminated. We use UV lights to detect material, special biohazard disposal, and multiple stages of cleanup make sure that every biohazard previously present is a thing of the past, so you can get on with your life.

Step 1: Containment

When dealing with biohazard cleanup, our technicians are required to wear full protective gear to protect themselves from potentially harmful disease, bacteria, and viruses. We will fully contain the affected area, and take active steps to prevent cross-contamination.

Step 2: Cleanup

All affected items and surfaces must be throughly cleaned and disinfected. We follow all industry best practices to cleanup biohazard waste. 

Step 3: Disposal

Damaged materials or items that cannot be cleaned must be disposed of properly. All local, state, and federal regulations are followed in the disposal of the contaminated materials. 

Step 4: Repairs

Whether only minor repairs are needed or walls and flooring materials need replaced, we will handle all the repairs that are necessary  to return your property back to its previous state. 

Call Your Biohazard Cleanup Hero

Because of the risks involved with biohazard cleanup, it is highly recommend that you rely on the help of a biohazard cleanup professional to ensure the proper cleanup and disposal of contaminated items. Crossroads Property Rescue follows a strict protocol for biohazard cleanup and will ensure your property is restored back to normal in a safe and timely manner. We provide 24/7 emergency service – call now.


Biohazard Cleanup Project Photos

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