Black Mold Removal

Also known as stachybotrys, black mold is often the most worrisome and rare variety of mold. Despite hundreds of DIY black mold removal articles circulating the internet, we at Crossroads Property Rescue believe no one should tackle the process on their own due to the level of toxins that may be present in your home – especially if the black mold is disturbed.

In serious cases, black mold may omit poisonous toxins called mycotoxins, which pose serious health risks to those exposed to the black mold variety. Although symptoms vary, those exposed should be aware of what to look out for, what the potential health risks are and how to take action for black mold removal.

If you believe you have a black mold problem, first contact a professional to assess existing mold damage and moisture issues within your home. According to Crossroads Property Rescue Owner and President, John Woods, there are several warning signs that mold could be growing in your home.

“A musty smell, visible mold growth, long-term leaks and flooding … these are all reliable signs of mold growth,” said Woods. “Even if you can’t see or smell any mold, you could be feeling the physical symptoms of mold or even begin to see it in the condition of your ceilings and walls.”

Woods says your home may be telling you there is mold if the walls and ceilings are damp, discolored, peeling, bowing out, bubbling or cracking.

“These are all solid signs of moisture in your home,” said Woods.

After Crossroads assesses your home, our team of professionals will document and calculate the mold contamination, preparing to find the best remediation plan for your specific case of mold infestation. Then, Crossroads will begin the mold remediation process, which varies according to the situation but may include setting up negative air or putting up containment. Finally, Crossroads offers clearance tests to homeowners, which shows the positive results of the cleanup and improved air quality post black mold removal.

“This process is complex and should only be initiated by trained professionals,” said Woods. “Black mold removal can be accomplished with the right tools, skills and high-quality standards.”

Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, Crossroads specializes in black mold removal and other related services. If you think you may have a black mold problem, contact us immediately at 304-594-3222.

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