Categories Of Water Damage

water damage cleanup MorgantownNot all water disasters in your Morgantown home are handled the same when it comes to water damage cleanup. There are actually three separate categories of water damage, and each one calls for a particular set of remediation procedures to adequately clean up. Before starting the water damage cleanup, it is crucial to identify the type of water you are working with. 

Water Damage Cleanup Morgantown

The following list will help you better understand the different categories of water and which one you may be encountering in your home. 

Clean Water: Category 1

Clean water is classified as Category 1 water. Examples of Category 1 water include water coming from a broken water supply pipe or a leaking faucet. Category 1 water damage cleanup is not too difficult and follows basic restoration steps. First, water must be drawn out and fully dried. After that, damaged materials can be fixed or replaced. Category 1 water tends to cause the least amount of damage, but can still be detrimental to your home and belongings if water damage cleanup does not begin right away. 

Gray Water: Category 2

Water in Category 2 could be contaminated with bacteria and viruses, making it more dangerous than Category 1 water damage. Dishwasher overflow, washing machine overflow, or toilet tank overflow are typical sources of gray water. This type of water damage cleanup must be handled carefully and with safety measures because it can make people sick when they come into contact with it. All the water needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Before drying can start, damaged and contaminated things must be removed from the area. Along with sufficient drying, thorough disinfecting is also necessary for Category 2 water damage cleanup. Since this water is considered contaminated, it is important to avoid all contact with it and leave the water damage cleanup to trained professionals.

Black Water: Category 3

Black water is, as its name suggests, extremely contaminated water. Black water damage occurs when streams, canals, or rivers overflow, the sewage system becomes clogged with human waste, or water sits for an extended period of time and starts to grow bacteria. Because black water can result in serious disease and even death if consumed, it is best to avoid all contact with it, especially if kids or pets are in the home. Every surface that has been impacted by the water will need to be sanitized or steam cleaned after the water extraction is complete. Carpets, padding, and other textile goods will need to be removed and discarded while structural components may even need to be replaced. Then, before bringing in the drying equipment, a disinfectant is administered to remove any threat the contamination may leave behind. When cleaning up damage from black water, air cleaners may need to be utilized. This type of water damage cleanup needs to be done by experts using specific tools and methods as instructed by the IICRC to ensure that cleanup is done correctly and effectively.

When you need water damage cleanup, whether it’s category 1, 2, or 3 water damage, the team at Crossroads Property Rescue is here to help. We have experience with all three categories of water damage and know how to get your Morgantown home back to its pre-loss condition.

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