Crossroads Mold Remediation Process

Not just anyone can approach mold growth – it takes a well-trained, qualified professional to assess mold damage and begin mold remediation.

“You need proper training to know how to identify mold and to begin the proper procedures to approach the situation,” said John Woods, Owner of Crossroads Property Rescue. “At Crossroads, we go by certain standards that depend on the situation at hand.”

Many contractors may advertise mold removal but it takes specialized education and training to make sure that not only is the mold gone, but also that it won’t return and multiply. At Crossroads, we take every precaution to ensure that any mold is first contained, and then cleaned and removed in the proper way to prevent cross-contamination.

Step One: Assess Moisture

In the beginning stages of the mold remediation process, the Crossroads team visits the home and assesses existing moisture and signs of mold damage. The team is trained to pay attention to the warnings sights, smells and signs associated with growing or spreading mold colonies.

Step Two: Document and Calculate Contamination

The Crossroads team will help you properly record the mold situation and advise suggested documentation techniques. The team will then calculate the extent of the contamination, allowing them to figure out how to best develop a remediation plan.

Step Three: Mold Remediation

Exact mold remediation steps will depend on your unique circumstance. Depending on the situation, the Crossroads team may set up negative air in your home or consider putting up containment – the process varies in each specific case of mold growth.

The team will quarantine any contents or items exposed to mold and clean them properly in order to prevent cross contamination.

The Crossroads team will explain why the mold happened and what the source is of the mold is, answering you and your family’s questions fully and thoughtfully.

Step Four: Clearance Tests

After mold remediation has taken place, Crossroads offers clients clearance tests, which allow homeowners to see the results of the cleanup and improved air quality. We take this extra step to give homeowners the peace of mind they need to feel safe in their home again.

Are you in Morgantown, West Virginia or a surrounding area and think you may have a mold problem? Mold remediation is a task requiring specialized knowledge and is best left in the hands of professionals. Contact Crossroads Property Rescue today to take care of any mold issues you may find.

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