Emergency Water Damage Restoration After Flooding

emergency water damage restoration bridgeport, water damage bridgeport, water damage repair bridgeportThe most important aspect of the water damage restoration process is speed. There is a direct correlation between the amount of time flood water remains in the home and the level of overall damage. To stress the importance of going through the water damage restoration process quickly, a simple outline for how water damage progresses over time is included below. When all is said and done, we hope this motivates you to begin the restoration process right away by giving us a call at Crossroads Property Rescue in Bridgeport for our emergency water damage restoration services. 

Minutes After The Flood

Even within the first few minutes, the level of damage that can be done is considerable. The floodwater will begin to saturate the surrounding floors, walls, furniture, and other belongings. The finished on upholstery may begin to bleed and stain the carpet underneath them. Additionally, any books, paperwork, or documents affected by the floodwater may also be ruined beyond repair. As you can see, even the difference of a few minutes can make a significant difference in the overall damage to the home. 

Hours After The Flood

Within 1 to 24 hours, various types of water damage will occur. The drywall in the kitchen swells and breaks down. The water tarnishes the metal surfaces it touches. A damp, musty odor begins in the kitchen area. The wooden table legs, cabinets, and flooring in the kitchen absorb the water. The dyes in the maroon dinner napkins or decorative paper products will stain the surfaces they touch because of absorbing the leaking water.

Days After The Flood

Within 48 hours to a week after a flood, the damage escalated considerably. Mold will begin to colonize throughout the home. Wood will begin to swell and warp. For wooden doors and windows, they may become impossible to open or close due to the swelling. The paint on the walls will also begin the blister. Metal appliances and objects will rust. The furniture, warped by the excess water, smells of mold, since spores have made the moisture-rich upholstery their new feeding ground.

Weeks After The Flood

After over a week of exposure to floodwater, the damage soars exponentially. Many possessions and parts of the home will have to be replaced entirely. Mold will be very prevalent throughout the home. Essentially, the home will become uninhabitable due to the extensive mold and water damage, and it can result in an emergency restoration project.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration In Bridgeport 

With all this in mind, your goal should be to never allow water damage to progress to the final stage discussed here. This is fortunately completely within your control if you take care to begin removing the water and restoring the damage as soon as a flood takes place. Additionally, if you ever leave town for an extended period of time, make sure you have something in place that will allow you to know if a flood does occur so you don’t find out about the emergency weeks later. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Crossroads Property Rescue in Bridgeport during an emergency should your home ever be affected by water damage. 

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