Crossroads Fire Cleanup

Fire damage and flooding doesn’t wait for normal business hours, and neither does Crossroads Property Rescue. During a fire emergency, you can count on Crossroads to immediately initiate the fire cleanup process no matter the time of day or night.

The Crossroads Fire Cleanup Process

Fire Cleanup Step 1: Content Restoration

At Crossroads, we understand that during situations requiring fire cleanup, we’re dealing with more than just houses and items – we’re dealing with people. We understand the sentimental value of a home and the contents inside. So, naturally, this is where we start. The Crossroads team enters this stage of fire cleanup by sorting through your home’s contents, restoring any salvageable items. Your personal items are secured and restored for later use.

Fire Cleanup Step 2: Structure Assessment

During this second stage of fire cleanup, the Crossroads team carefully assesses structural damage, ensuring all sub-floors are safe and no electrical hazards exist. Crossroads also communicates with insurance companies, maintaining efficiency and taking the hassle of this second stage of fire cleanup off of the family’s shoulders.

Fire Cleanup Step 3: Address Additional Hazards

During fire cleanup, Crossroads often encounters problems associated with initial attempts to put out the fire. The most typical hazards relate to water damage, which can also leave the home or building vulnerable to mold if not properly treated. The Crossroads team effectively mitigates water damage, preventing mold growth in the future. Crossroads assesses any additional damage during fire cleanup, and uses appropriate methods to address and correct them.

Fire Cleanup Step 4: Deodorize

During a fire, soot and smoke left behind produce odor that must be addressed to eliminate damage. In this final stage of fire cleanup, Crossroads removes charred wood and uses deodorizers such as ozone or hydroxyl generators. In extreme cases, the Crossroads team uses soda blasters, dry ice blasters or ice blasters.

Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, we’re ready to initiate fire cleanup when you need it. Contact Crossroads Property Rescue today to find out more about our fire cleanup.

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