Fire Damage From Heating Appliances

Did you know that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, more than one in 6 home fires start from heating equipment? While this is mostly caused by space heaters or fireplaces, more than one out of every ten heating-related fires is caused by the furnace. Since your furnace is working overtime this winter in Morgantown, it is important to make sure you are taking good care of it so it does not malfunction or leave your home in need of fire damage restoration. 

Fire Damage Restoration Morgantown

  • The first priority with your furnace is to ensure it is ventilated properly. This is often achieved by maintaining a clean air filter. A dirty air filter blocks air flow, which can result in increased pressure on the motor trying to push air through. Change out your filter regularly to keep your furnace functioning properly. 
  • Dust and dirt buildup and collect around and on your furnace, often finding its way into the motor and onto the heating coils. Buildup can also result in overheating and can act as an insulation for the heat that is produced. If this dust is not cleaned off, it can act as kindling to heat and can spark a fire.
  • Bad wiring or faulty parts on your furnace can become a huge fire risk. Too high voltage, tight bearings, or excess current can all spark electrical fires, especially with how hard your furnace is already working during the winter.
  • Motor bearings require lubrication to keep them functioning and from creating too much friction. Tight or worn motor bearings will catch heat when not properly lubricated, and that means they can eventually catch fire.
  • Flammable materials placed on, around, or near the furnace are big fire risks. Things like paper, cardboard boxes, drapery, or even debris like dried leaves, need to be kept away from the furnace. 
  • Dirty chimney flues and soot build up in your furnace can cause flame rollouts where flames can escape and roll out of a closed combustion area. This is the result of lack of oxygen because of clogged air filters or obstructions in the chimney that block the vents.

In summary, keeping your furnace properly cleaned and maintained is so important, especially during the winter months.  As the area’s leading fire damage restoration services provider, Crossroads Property Rescue has seen the devastation firsthand that results from a furnace fire or any cause of fire for that matter. We know how devastating and destructive a house fire can be, and that is why we are here to offer 24/7 emergency response services when you need fire damage restoration. If you suspect there may be something wrong with your furnace or notice a burning smell coming from it, turn it off and call for an inspection right away. If you have suffered fire damage, no matter what the cause or source, then call Crossroads Property Rescue right away. We will be there for you throughout the entire fire damage restoration process to get your home back to normal. 

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