Fire Damage In Prairieville: Call A Professional

fire damage restoration bridgeport, fire damage cleanup bridgeport, fire damage repair bridgeportLooking for DIY fire restoration tips? Let us end your search right here. Fire and smoke damage restoration should never be attempted on your own. In fact, trying to restore your Prairieville home following a fire without professional help will only increase the damages already done, and expose you to a lot of unnecessary risks.

Fire Damage Restoration In Prairieville

Following a fire, one of the biggest risks is lingering health hazards. Smoke and soot left over after the flames have been extinguished are not only difficult to remove, but also full of dangerous byproducts. Many items that burn in a fire release different toxins upon combustion. Breathing in smoke and other odors left behind from these materials can cause damage to the brain and lungs. Porous materials like wood, drywall, insulation, furniture, and carpet hold onto smoke long after the fire is extinguished. When inhaled, the byproducts of smoke may cause coughing, wheezing, asthma, bronchitis, and shortness of breath. Without the proper safety equipment and training, you risk exposing yourself to harmful respiratory problems.  

These dangerous byproducts can also be irritating to the skin. They always prove difficult to remove and wipe away because they adhere to all types of surfaces. When attempting to clean residue on your own without the proper cleaning solution and equipment, you expose your skin to irritants. Scrubbing not only disrupts particles and exposes them to your skin, but it also releases them into the air where they can be inhaled. Ash remains warm even after a fire goes out, so it must be handled with care because it may cause burns. Our eyes are extremely sensitive to smoke and soot, and instant watering and redness can occur upon exposure. By simply being in the area affected by fire damage, you risk causing injury and irritation to your body.

Your home’s structural integrity is also at risk following a fire. Never re-entered a home that has suffered fire damage until it has been deemed safe by a professional inspector. Tit is not worth the risk of ceilings falling and floors deteriorating on you. A lot of the more serious damage is not always obvious to those without the proper training and experience, so even though it may appear safe at a glance, that does not mean you should attempt to enter. Hidden damage is a huge threat when attempting fire damage restoration. Not knowing what to look for could end up costing you much more in damages down the road.  

The professionals at Crossroads Property Rescue are trained and experienced in fire damage restoration and are also certified in safe and adequate practices and techniques to restore your home following a fire. With adequate safety gear, our fire damage restoration technicians are able to keep themselves safe from toxic fumes and remove the threats that linger in your home. We have cleaning agents and equipment to fully remove smoke, soot, and ash damage from your home, and are even able to perform necessary structural repairs and rebuild to ensure the integrity of your home is restored. There really is no DIY process that could compare to the experience, training, techniques, equipment and results that the fire damage restoration experts at Crossroads Property Rescue can provide for you and your home following a fire. 

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