Streamlining the claims process and minimalizing the loss ratio

When you contact Crossroads Property Rescue, each project is handled by highly-trained technicians using the most modern, safest equipment available, and the highest level of customer service in the business.

Each Crossroads van is fitted with technological support devices, allowing the technician, as soon as he or she steps onto a jobsite, to be able to take full pictures, to take notes and specific information and share them immediately with team members, adjusters and insurance agents in real-time.

This level of automatic response is new to the region, but Crossroads wants to pave the way in streamlining the processing of claims, which not only benefits the insurance companies, but also the victims of the contaminations themselves. The adjuster and agent also receive 24-hour updates on the claim to discuss the state of the project and the progress being made.

One of our goals at Crossroads is to keep the loss ratio for agents as low as possible. As a small business itself, Crossroads recognizes the need to minimize losses by restoring and cleaning as much as possible, rather than immediately discarding an item that could possibly be restored.

We want insurance adjusters and agents to see us as partners, not just as a company that comes in for a job and hands off a bill. If you want to learn more about Crossroads’ commitment to streamlining and simplifying the insurance claim process, contact us today!


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