Types Of Water Damage Cleanup Caused By a Burst Pipe

water damage cleanup prairievilleA burst water pipe can cause severe damage to any property. If this pipeline problem is not addressed fast, water could pour into walls, ceilings, and floorboards, causing major structural damage. Unfortunately, the results of a broken water pipe are not limited to visible harm. There could be hidden effects that might have a massive effect on your house. When a pipe bursts, it is vital to call for emergency water damage cleanup in Prairieville as fast as possible to prevent water from flowing and fix the damage. Here are a few of the different types of damage that a broken water pipe can cause.

Water Damage Cleanup In Prairieville

Damaged Insulation and Wiring

Water seeping from a leaky pipe can wreak havoc on your insulation and electrical wiring. Leaking water causes the insulation to get saturated, resulting in irreparable harm. When cellulose, loosely filled insulation, and fiberglass are drenched by water, they lose their effectiveness, prompting replacement. Water and electricity do not mix well. Short circuits that result from wet wiring can create issues with appliances and lighting, and can also cause a fire. If your insulation and wiring are affected, you might have to tear out your walls to replace both the wiring and the insulation.

Rotted Structural Materials

Water from a leaky pipe usually seeps through walls. It will often penetrate through these porous materials before showing up in your home’s living areas. Unfortunately, it can be when you cannot see this moisture that it could be creating the most damage to your home. Water leaking through the walls might cause permanent damage to the concrete structures of your home. Hardwood support beams and sub-floors can decay, and the metal brackets that secure your beams in place can rust as well. This can result in significantly more expensive repairs than the obvious damage to plaster, lathe, and drywall caused by a burst pipe.


After a burst water pipe in your house, you may have to dedicate a huge amount of time and effort to drying out your property and removing all of the items that were soaked by the leaking water. Mold can still be an issue even if all of the wet items, such as carpets and padding, are removed. Mold can start growing inside air vents, walls, and also the sub-floor. 

This can be hard to detect, but every time the air conditioner or heating cycle is on, several of these mold growth will be moved through the air. This will not only endanger your air quality, possibly provoking asthma attacks or allergies, but will also enable mold to spread throughout your home. To get your air quality and house comfort back, you will probably require professional mold and water removal services.

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You can never be completely ready for a water damage disaster as a homeowner. All of our water damage repair professionals at Crossroads Property Rescue are fully certified and undergo massive training so that they can efficiently and quickly identify and minimize water damage problems. We use cutting-edge technology such as infrared cameras and specialized drying gear to quickly dry your home and restore it to normal. For water damage cleanup in Prairieville, give Crossroads Property Rescue a call.

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