Understanding Water Damage In Bridgeport: Causes And Prevention

Many things can cause water damage, from natural causes to home causes, and even more that goes into its prevention. It might be challenging to understand and prepare for all possible flooding situations. However, a few common things cause water damage in Bridgeport, West Virginia, to look out for and prepare for in particular.

Water Damage BridgeportFlash-Flooding

One of the biggest causes of flooding in West Virginia is flash flooding because of the geography. There are a lot of mountains, for example, that add to the possibility of flooding. Although there is no way to 100% ensure that your house will not flood, especially when it comes to a natural disaster such as flash flooding, there are some precautions you can take to help prevent water damage in the case of a flood. There are also ways to prevent the water from spreading. One way to prevent flood water from damaging your home is by placing utilities in a raised area. It’s also good to keep essential items out of the basement, especially in West Virginia, where basements and flooding are expected. Installing or ensuring you have a sump pump installed might be an excellent way to quickly get rid of large amounts of water in a basement and prevent the spread of flood water. Barriers can also be built to prevent flood water from entering your basement.

Overflowing Water

A typical household cause of water damage is flooding from overflowed toilets, sinks, or bathtubs. This is usually very easy to prevent, but it can happen to anyone in West Virginia or anywhere else. This commonly occurs when people get distracted while running a bathtub. Ensure that if you’re filling a sink or tub with water, you keep an eye on it. If you have to wander off for any reason, it’s a good idea to turn off the tap and turn it back on once you’ve returned. Clogging a toilet can be a little more complicated, as there is no off switch. Once a toilet starts causing a flood, you might feel hopeless. Knowing where the valves are to turn off your water supply instantly can be very helpful if you cannot stop the water flow in other ways.

Appliance Errors

Household appliances such as dishwashers and fridges can leak, malfunction, or clog. This could lead to a ton of water damage in a Bridgeport home, especially in a kitchen where there might be a lot of wood. An excellent way to prevent water damage from appliance malfunctions is to do maintenance on your appliances regularly. Have a professional come in annually to check on any appliance attached to a water supply. If you’re having consistent problems with an appliance, it might even be time to replace it altogether.

Leaking and Broken Pipes

Leaking and broken pipes can be a problematic but severe cause of water damage and are extremely common for in-home water damage. Pipes are especially dangerous because they are in walls. If one bursts without your knowledge, it can leak for a long time without repair and cause much damage. Pipe leaks can be caused by water freezing inside of them or pressure changes. One might not be able to prevent things such as frozen pipes, but you can avoid large amounts of water damage from happening in your home. Be alert for weird stains on your walls or ceilings caused by water in your walls. Low water pressure and sounds of dripping could also be signs that you have a leaky pipe.

If you already have some water damage in your Bridgeport home, the best thing to do is to prevent it from spreading further by contacting a water damage restoration professional such as Crossroads Property Rescue. Suppose you know of any specific causes of water damage and wonder how to prevent it. In that case, you can always contact a company that is knowledgeable about water damage, like the one mentioned above. Remember, the key to water damage prevention is knowing your home and how it works and being alert.

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