Water Damage Cleanup: Knowing The Five Signs Of Water Damage

water damage cleanup morgantown, water damage repair morgantown, water damage restoration morgantownWater damage is far easier to deal with when it is detected early than when it is detected after an extended period of time. Water damage cleanup is an extremely time-sensitive process so an undetected leak has gone on for weeks that lead to major damage in your home. Water damage of this sort, however, is largely preventable. Staying vigilant and always being on the lookout for signs of water damage in your home is the best way to prevent any water damage problems from ever getting out of hand. Here are five tips on doing so from our water damage cleanup professionals at Crossroads Property Rescue in Morgantown.

Water Damage Cleanup In Morgantown


While you may not always be able to see water damage, you may be able to hear it in some cases. The sounds of a potential water damage problem include dripping, creaky floorboards, or the sound of rushing water. However, none of these sounds is a sure indication that you have a water damage issue so if you hear any of them you should inspect your home for the source of the sound before worrying too much. 


Another sense you can use to look for signs of water damage or moisture in your home is the smell. Dampness has a very distinct odor and this might also be accompanied by the musky smell of mold. Look out for smells in conjunction with other indicators of water damage. Moreover, if you can actually smell a distinct odor, you probably have a fairly serious water/mold problem on your hands since a small amount of moisture or mold probably wouldn’t have such a strong smell. 

Puddles Or Pooling Water

Obviously, any puddles of pools of water in your home are a sure indication that you have a water damage problem. If you notice either of these, you should immediately get to work on wiping up the water and inspecting its source. Odds are, you may need to call for professional water damage cleanup help so the source of the leak can be fixed and any water damage can be repaired. 

Unexplained Coldness

Homes that are inexplicably difficult to heat often have water damage issues. This is water excess moisture within a home will draw heat out of the walls in order to evaporate. As a result, you are cold in your home and have a skyrocketing bill for heating your home. 

Staining And Discoloration

Unsightly stains and discolored spots in your home are an indication of severe water damage. Don’t let any of these spots go unattended as the damage is possibly growing worse each day. Call for professional help immediately so the water damage cleanup process can begin ASAP. 

Whether a water damage problem is contained or grows out of control is largely up to you. As soon as you notice water damage or any of the signs listed above, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Crossroads Property Rescue in Morgantown so our water damage cleanup crew can help you restore the damage and keep your home in great shape! 

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