After Flooding Water Damage Restoration Tips You Need

water damage restoration bridgeport, water damage bridgeport, water damage repair bridgeportThe month of May has beautiful weather, some even say the best of the year.  However, just because snow storms and freezing temperatures are distant memories of bygone seasons, doesn’t mean your house is safe from water-related disaster.  Here in Bridgeport, we’re subject to rain, hail, flooding, and thunderstorms.  Flash floods are some of the worst types of water damage and are especially dangerous, and you need to be prepared for whenever beautiful Spring takes a turn for the worse.  Timing is everything.

The term “flash flood” is used to describe a flood that happens incredibly quickly, usually within six hours of initial rainfall.  This can be difficult to prepare for, and even harder to recover from.  Water damage caused by flooding can be completely detrimental to the structure of the house immediately: debris below the surface of the sitting water can pose a serious danger to you and your family; damp or wet wires can cause electrocution.  However, house floods can also affect long-term harm if the water is not properly extracted and the home repaired promptly.  Dirty, stagnant water can cause infections in people or pets; moist carpets can grow mold that is easily respirated.  Each house is potentially susceptible to differing water damage hazards, depending on factors such as age, size, and location.  Your home is as unique as you are, so you want to be sure whomever you choose to repair it understands they need to treat each job individually.  No two jobs are ever the same, but the one thing that is a guarantee is that the faster your house can be cared for, the better.  Crossroads Property Rescue can ensure the same level of personal care for every single project.  

Crossroads Property Rescue offers an efficient, in-depth, 4-step restoration process:

  1. Water Extraction
  2. Remove and Clean Contents
  3. Drying and Removal of Damaged Materials
  4. Repairs and Rebuild

The initial water step is executed swiftly, with the team members’ specialized equipment that removes standing water.  Next, valuable items such as furniture are cleaned and inventory.  Amazingly, Crossroads isn’t just a water damage restoration service.  They also have the ability to restore most items that may have been impaired.  For non-valuable items that are un-salvageable, the team members will remove them for you, and dry and clean the area with an antimicrobial spray.  This is an invaluable step, particularly during this time when cleanliness is especially appreciated.  Lastly, going above and beyond, fully licensed and insured Crossroads Property Rescue will do what they can to restore your home to as close to pre-flood as possible.

Additionally, to show how much they truly care for their clients, Crossroads offers an emergency phone number that is active 24/7.  Call anytime, and a member of their water damage restoration team will be able to answer your questions, field your concerns, and schedule a service appointment.

Unfortunately, water damage to your residence, ranging anywhere from mild to severe, can’t always be prevented.  But if it does happen, Crossroads Property Rescue can help you take the steps necessary to get your home and life back on track, fast.

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