Efficient and Effective Processes in Water Damage Restoration

water damage restoration prairieville, water damage cleanup prairieville, water damage repair prairievilleWhile water damage restoration is a time honored and essential service, modern times offer major improvements for homeowners. For example, each Crossroads van is fitted with technological support devices. As soon as the technicians step onto a jobsite, they can take full pictures, and share notes  immediately with team members, adjusters and insurance agents in real-time. Crossroads wants to streamline the processing of claims and offer the latest technical innovations

The Latest Drying Equipment 

Using modern drying technology, building materials can be restored completely and don’t need to be replaced. The reduced drying times allow for lower restoration costs with minimal disruption. Some options are:

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers release dry, warm air (110 degrees F and 5% relative humidity) in high humidity conditions to eliminate the moisture from the air. Using silica gel to absorb the water particles in the air, they are very effective and even operate in temperatures set below freezing.
  • Intra-wall drying dries the insides of walls without removing the drywall itself. Baseboards are first removed, then small holes are drilled through the drywall at the base. Air is then pushed into the cavity behind the wall, allowing for a faster drying time, sometimes even half that of other drying techniques.  
  • LGR Dehumidifiers can lower relative humidity to as low as 10%. This equipment allows for up to 16 gallons of water to be removed from the air each day. Years ago, simple dehumidifiers could only achieve 40%.  Innovations in technology over time have allowed for significant improvements in drying time and prevention of mold.
  • Rescue mat extraction equipment are far more effective and efficient in lowering humidity than vacuum units. Rescue mat systems can efficiently mitigate water from a number of flooring materials, leaving the subfloors and pads slightly moist but not wet. It saves time, and therefore money.

Antimicrobial Application

In some water damage situations, fungal and mold growth may be a concern. Under the right circumstances, it can take as little as 24 hours for mold to begin growing, so a restoration company may apply commercial antimicrobials to prevent mold growth or destroy existing mold spores. 

Contents Management

In many cases, it is necessary to remove furniture and other contents from the area to minimize the loss of irreplaceable personal items and other possessions. Though any type of property damage has the potential to ruin certain belongings, contents restoration technologies have advanced to a point today where many items are also salvageable. The restoration company will remove savable contents such as textiles, clothes, hard goods, photos, electronics and more, and store them off site to restore.

All belongings will be cleaned thoroughly, inventoried and further analyzed for damage. Crossroads has the ability to restore valuable art, family photos, electronics, and nearly anything of sentimental or monetary value.

Special Situations

After a tragedy, the biohazard technicians will carefully and compassionately remove hazardous contamination including chemicals, blood, and other bodily fluids and do any necessary repair work to restore your property back to its previous state.

Asbestos contamination requires that special procedures are followed to contain or remove the materials compliant with local and federal laws and regulations.   While the use of asbestos-containing materials has significantly decreased since the 1980s, it may still be found in current projects. Asbestos typically doesn’t pose any threat as long as the asbestos-containing material is managed.

One Call= Turn Key Service

Though sometimes full reconstruction is impossible due to the levels of contamination or damage, Crossroads will use the latest technology and the most modern equipment and devices available to make sure that even personal items can be returned in their original forms. Current construction services encompass a wide variety of damage cleanup and property repair methods. Trust the experts to complete the project with excellent results. 

Great Relations Within The Insurance Industry

One of the goals at Crossroads is to keep the loss ratio for agents as low as possible. As a small business itself, Crossroads recognizes the need to minimize losses by restoring and cleaning as much as possible, rather than immediately discarding an item that could possibly be restored. The adjuster and agent also receive 24-hour updates on the claim to discuss the state of the project and the progress being made. Insurance adjusters and agents to see us as partners, not just as a company that comes in for a job and hands off a bill.

Water Damage Cleanup in Prairieville

When you suspect water damage from the roof, windows, or the sink, get a professional repair team in now. Every day that you delay increases the amount of damage and the potential for mold. Crossroads Property Rescue provides emergency property restoration and decontamination services to Bridgeport and throughout the tri-state area. 

Whether the issue is a fire, water, mold, biohazard, or any other property damaging event, Crossroads Property Rescue will provide respectful, compassionate service intent on minimizing loss and maximizing restoration of the client’s personal items.

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