What Causes Water Damage?

water damage cleanup morgantownWater damage is one of those problems that every homeowner will have to deal with at least once in their life. For new homeowners or anyone that hasn’t faced it yet, it’s important to watch out for the most common causes of water damage to be prepared or avoid it altogether. Until it does happen to you, it may not seem like it belongs very high on the priority list of things you must attend to. However, thinking that way could cost you thousands. According to water damage statistics, it affects around 14,000 people in the U.S. alone daily. Knowing that you could potentially lose out millions of dollars due to water damage cleanup, it may be beneficial to take preventative measures to avoid water damage.

Water Damage Cleanup – Morgantown

It’s important to keep up with the maintenance of any appliance or general plumbing to lower the likelihood of flooding in your home. With that being said, it is notable to know which items are most likely to flood your home if this maintenance is not kept up. Though you may keep up great maintenance, there is still a chance that these items can just fail. Additionally, punctuality is key. If you notice any issues with any plumbing or appliances, replace or repair them immediately.


There are many reasons why pipes become leaky and eventually burst. Corrosion is among the most common because of the hard water and chemicals that run through them, as well as improperly fitted pipes. Once you notice that any of the pipes in your home are beginning to corrode, replace them as soon as possible. 

High water pressure can be another reason for leaky pipes. Pipes can usually only handle a certain maximum of pressure and can’t be pushed past that. If your water pressure was regular, there might be different causes, such as changes in weather or clogged pipes. It’s important that proper steps are taken to lower the pressure to avoid a burst.


Weather is unfortunately out of your hands, which usually means problems caused by it are also out of your hands. Heavy rains, melting snow, and general storms can cause a buildup of water along the foundation of your home, which can lead to water damage like a flooded basement.

Though you cannot control the weather, you can take preventative measures to minimize or eliminate the level of damage that occurs. Be sure that your gutters are regularly cleaned out, especially before a storm can hit. Gutters are a vital part of your home to steer water away from your home. Clogged gutters can direct water into your basement, resulting in floods and water leaking into the foundation. 

Appliance Malfunctions

Any appliance that uses water needs to be regularly maintained and checked to ensure that everything is running correctly. The most common appliances that cause water damage include air conditioners, hot water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Be sure to have routine inspections of these appliances, such as cleaning out any necessary pipes or lines, replacing damaged parts, and calling professionals to help with any needed assistance. Additionally, be sure that lines are running to the correct place: outside, away from home, and/or into a household sewer. Take care to remember to turn off your water supply when you leave for long periods of time on vacation!

It’s very common for water damage to occur due to any of these circumstances. It happens to everyone at least once in their life and can be a learning experience. It’s important to reach out to professionals, such as Crossroads Property Rescue, that can properly help you immediately. Water damage happens quickly and gets worse the longer it stays. By doing this, this water damage cleanup will be a one-time occurrence, and you won’t need to deal with the effects of the damage again in the future.

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