What Is The Process Of Cleaning Up A Water Damage Situation?

water damage cleanup morgantownDid you come home to a wet mess? Was it a broken pipe or a failed appliance? It’s a lot more common than you think. Residential water damage accounts for almost a third of all insurance claims. According to the Insurance Information Institute, annually water damage or freezing water causes about one in 50 policyholders to file a claim.

Water Damage Cleanup In Morgantown

Cleaning up more than a cup or two of water is a lot more complicated than grabbing a roll of paper towels. Every situation is different and service technicians can customize your cleanup. After determining the source of water and examining the scope of the damage, they start to make the plan. During the entire process, they will also consider your personal concerns, schedules, weather, etc. 

Restoration companies know that no two restoration jobs are ever the same. Here is the step by step for every water damage clean-up:

Extract The Water

With any water damage loss, the first step is to remove any excess water from the area. To remove standing water, it’s faster to utilize industry-grade equipment. Professionals have more powerful extraction tools than a home shop vacuum can provide. They focus on pulling water out of carpets, flooring materials, and basements. They can’t start repairs in a wet space. 

Remove And Clean Contents

In many cases, it is necessary to remove furniture and other contents to minimize further losses. Your things might be taken to another site to be thoroughly cleaned and inventoried. 

All affected surfaces and materials are cleaned with tools and OSHA-approved sanitizing products to avoid further damage. Some professional companies have the ability to restore valuable art, family photos, electronics, valuable papers, and sentimental treasures.

Focus On Drying 

After the excess water and your things have been removed, the team will focus on drying the space. Specialized drying equipment is used to dry walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, and any other materials. Industrial equipment fans, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers might be used for several days until technicians confirm that the final drying process is complete. 

Measure And Monitor Remaining Moisture

Precise monitoring of the remaining moisture allows technicians to determine the timing of the project – you need to know when the space is dry enough to start the repairs. To ensure that hidden moisture pockets are identified and addressed, your team will use various types of hydrometers and instruments used to measure humidity in the air, porous materials, or confined spaces. In order to prevent long-term problems such as mold growth and wood rot, the team will continue to monitor the moisture levels.

Any unsalvageable materials such as drywall or insulation will be removed. In a water-damaged job site, the team will take precautions to dispose of the materials without spreading mold spores. Afterward, the entire area is treated with an anti-microbial spray, cleaned, and prepared for the next step. 

What Are Mitigation And Remediation? 

Water damage cleanup starts with mitigation, a type of emergency response. Mitigation contains initial damage and prevents it from spreading. This initial work is done to help minimize secondary damages such as buckled floors, degraded subfloor, and moldy drywall.

Remediation is the cleanup and repairs stage that shores up the structures before the cosmetic stage. The process ensures a dry, sanitary environment that serves as a clean base for returning a property to its pre-loss condition. 

When needed, teams will also completely restore the area back to its original finishes, also known as restoration. It can include replacing damaged trim or baseboards to match the rest of the house. The goal is to return your property back to its original look, feel and value.

In Conclusion

Getting a professional repair team for water damage is especially beneficial in order to quickly assess the situation in your home. Every delayed day increases the amount of damage and the potential for mold spread. At Crossroads Property Rescue, each technician is fully certified and has undergone extensive training. They provide emergency property restoration and decontamination services to Morgantown and the tri-state area. Call or visit our site today for more information on scheduling the team.

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