Why DIY Water Damage Restoration Is Not Enough

Water damage can happen without any warning, often causing severe structural damage and posing a health risk for home occupants. Homeowners, aware of these problems, may want to quickly take matters into their own hands and embark on a DIY water damage restoration job. Nowadays, there is any amount of online information available claiming to detail quick, safe and cost-effective ways to save your home from the disastrous effects of water damage. However, the question arises, is DIY water damage restoration the best option? This blog post explores a number of reasons why DIY restoration cannot sufficiently tackle water damage and get a home back to the way it was before the damage took place. water damage restoration bridgeport

Water Damage Restoration – Bridgeport, West Virginia

Lack Of Expertise And Training

The main reason DIY fails is the absence of training and expertise. Water damage restoration professionals train extensively to gain the knowledge and skills required to evaluate, mitigate and restore water-damaged properties. To prevent complications such as secondary damage from mold and degradation of the structure, the sources of water must be identified and shut off, porous water-damaged materials must be actively dried and, sometimes, relocated, and resultant damage repaired. DIY restoration is unlikely to reveal and correct hidden problems.

Ineffective Equipment And Techniques

Professional restoration companies possess specialized and powerful water extraction and drying equipment that is designed specifically for water mitigation and drying. From heavy-duty extractors and powerful industrial-grade dehumidifiers, to air movers and air scrubbers, professionals have the advantage of harnessing the technology to enhance the mitigation process. These include industrial-strength water extraction and drying equipment. Homeowners are generally without access to the most specialized equipment for mitigation and restoration, and frequently attempt to use generalized equipment that is inadequate to the task, or relies on elimination of the water without effectively ridding the materials of water.

Potential Health Hazards

Excess water can lead to the growth of fungi, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores, which can be extremely detrimental to the health of occupants. Water-damage restoration technicians are trained to mitigate these hazards, using personal protective equipment and various cleaning agents to disinfect damaged areas. Trying to tackle water damage without the help of professionals can expose a homeowner to these health hazards, not to mention that an area may not be properly sanitized, which can also have dangerous health implications in the long run. In other words, even if DIY efforts can restore a home to habitable conditions, it does not mean it is the best thing for the health of the home’s occupants.

Risk Of Further Damage

A DIY water damage cleanup at home could result in more damage to a property if a homeowner is not utilizing the proper equipment. Materials may actually get damaged and, in the event that water is not extracted properly, it could still remain trapped in building materials and compromise their structural integrity later on. Improper drying can also result in environments that lend themselves to the growth of mold, which can lead to further damage in the future and require expensive repairs. By entrusting water damage cleanup to professionals, the risk of further damage can be minimized.

Time And Cost Considerations

Some may think that attempting a DIY restoration process can save money, but homeowners should compare the time and cost of DIY versus hiring professional water damage restoration companies. Dealing with DIY restoration takes a great deal of time and effort, and the multiplication of days spent on DIY with the corresponding efforts needed to deal with DIY restorations creates an unrealistic schedule, especially if the process needs to be repeated multiple times to achieve satisfactory results. What is more, the cost of purchasing or renting equipment and cleaning agents needed to deal with water damage usually surpasses the savings related to DIY restoration. Choosing the services of experienced water damage restoration experts saves both time and financial cost for homeowners, while the expertise and equipment these companies use can ensure a long-term solution.

Insurance Considerations

Many homeowners insurance policies include coverage for water damage restoration, and insurers are more inclined to process claims expeditiously if the customer confirms that they hired professional restoration services. In turn, since DIY restoration attempts are usually unable to meet the standards for thoroughness and effectiveness that insurers often require, they could either delay or prevent customers from receiving adequate compensation for the damage they incurred. Homeowners are often unaware that they can hire water damage restoration services, or are concerned about the amount of work the services supposedly entail.

In conclusion, while DIY projects may be performed with high levels of satisfaction and savings to the homeowner on certain occasions, water damage restoration is one field that necessitates professional expertise. This includes extensive evaluating of the water damage and thorough restoration handling using technologically advanced equipment to minimize risks and to restore the area safely and efficiently. Due to the associated health risks stemming from toxic mold and further structural damage, it is in your best interest as a homeowner to take advantage of professional water damage restoration companies. Do not hesitate to contact us at Crossroads Property Rescue. Our team of professionals, with years of experience and proper equipment, will save you time and money, while minimizing health risks.

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